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Insurance Information


Major Insurances:

  • Magellan

  • Amerigroup

  • United Behavioral Health

  • Medicare

  • Tricare

  • Tricare Prime

  • Medicaid

  • Value Options

  • United Healthcare

  • Wellcare

  • Humana

  • Cigna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Aetna

  • Coventry

  • Cenpatico

  • Memorial Health

  • IBG - Insurance & Benefits Group

  • MultiHelath Plan

  • Cameron & Associates

  • CarePlus

  • Anthem

  • AMHN Fed Med

  • Families First

  • Centene

  • Empathia Pacific

  • First Health

  • Harmony

  • MH Net

  • Core Source


EAP Companies:


  • E4 HealthAmerican Behavioral

  • Access One

  • Anthem EAP

  • Ceridian

  • Magellan EAP

  • Value Options EAP

  • APS

  • BOA

  • Com Psych

  • Corp Health

  • ES1

  • FE1

  • Life EHA

  • Life Sych

  • NEAS

  • Military One Source

  • Nova Net

  • Paragon Benefits

  • Palmetto EAP

  • PHCS

  • RBH

  • Reach EAP

  • Ulliance

  • VMC

Counseling Fees


Our office accepts most insurances. You will be responsible for any fees related to your deductible and copays. Our regular fee for a 45 minute session is $150. For those without insurance, Kim Hulsey, LCSW and other independent counselors charge a standard rate of 0.001% of your gross household income, due prior to the start of each session. For instance, if your household (you and your spouse/partner) receives a gross annual combined income of $80,000 per year, your fee would be $80.00 per service session. Our office charges a mandatory minimum fee of $70.00 for each 45 minute session.


Applied Behavior Analysis by Jim Taylor can be reimbursed by Tricare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Otherwise, ABA Therapy is paid by cash, credit, or check.  The services of Suzette Lambert, LMFT for marriage counseling is also by cash, credit or check and cannot be billed to insurance.


For families whose gross household income is below $25,000 per year and are without insurance, fees are negotiable. We believe that providing service to all those who need it is the duty of those in the mental health profession, and our office will happily work with you to set a payment rate or plan that is affordable for you. Proof of income will be required at the time of your first appointment. Please call our staff at 912-764-7785 to discuss rates with us.  


In cases where a child's custody is being disputed, direct counseling with a child is billed according to their insurance reimbrusement schedule. Additional sessions with other family members will be billed at our full rate of $150 per 45 minute session.


Missed appointments, as well as cancellations within less than 24 hours of the appointment time, will be billed at your insurance rate for each cancellation/missed appointment. For example, if your insurance allows $75 per session, you would be responsible for $75 for the missed session. If you miss 1 appointment without notifying our office (a "No Show-No Call" without an excellent excuse), you may be unable to schedule future appointments with us.


A bounced check will incur a mandatory charge of $35.00.

Court Fees


You will be billed a minimum flat rate fee of $500.00, which covers the first four hours of the court date (8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, regardless of whether or not these hours are used), for all days on which a counselor must appear in court. You will be billed an additional $500.00 if the counselor must stay past 12:30 PM, regardless of the amount of time spent in the courtroom that afternoon. This rate is being charged because other clients cannot be scheduled for the entire morning/afternoon/day that the counselor has been subpoenaed to appear in court. Mileage for travel is computed at $100 per hour, always rounded up to the nearest hour.


For clients of Dr. Lee Ann Scott, Psychologist, please contact our office manager for court fees.

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