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DFCS Services

East Georgia Counseling Services currently provides a number of services to the Bulloch and Effingham County Departments of Family and Children Services, and is available to assist other departments in the surrounding area. Our practice provides these local agencies with access to independent contract counselors, family specialists, and a psychologist that are qualified to perform a variety of supportive services for both the agencies and the families they work with, including:


Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments


Wrap Around Services


Parenting Classes


Anger Management Classes


Supervised Visitations


Psychological Evaluations & Psychology Services


Independent and Family Counseling


Domestic Violence Counseling​ and Classes

Trauma Assessments & Counseling

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If your department is interested in acquiring services through our orgranization, please call our office at 912-764-7785 to receive more information about what we can do for you!

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